Complain on social networks

That's what they're here for.


It's the right thing to do. We agree. The more your remote cousin is outraged by this, the more likely we'll be ashamed of not working on the comic.

I'll be tracking down your complains and feedback through (but not limited) to the following categories: #whinningbaby, #moaningminnie, #grumpycat, and #environmentallyunfriendlycomplaint.

Below are a few suggestions to get you started by yours truly.

Vent on Twitter

Please choose your own adventure

An incomplete comic about DNSSEC?! Yes please! 🙄 Thanks @dnsimple #taco #grumpy-cat

🌮 A taco explains how DNSSEC works. And the story is not even done! 😡 Finish your comics @dnsimple! #taco #moaningminnie

Please notify me when the comic is done @dnsimple so I can buy the NTF. 🙄 💸 🌮 #environmentallyunfriendlycomplaint



You got this.

Read again. Complain Me waiting for a new episode of Me. DNSimple working on other stuff Me after reading only 2 chapters of How DNSSEC works. This is fine Me pretending to know DNSSEC after 2 episodes Harry is adjusting great to America. Who releases an incomplete comic about DNSSEC? You wait for a taco to explain how DNSSEC works Running away balloon Wait, is a taco explaining DNSSEC? Always has been Change my mind

If you got this far, you're probably aware that this page is sarcasm. I love you. Sometimes I try so hard to make you smile that I end up sleeping on the sofa.

P.S. If you're going outside, bring tacos.